Women's Global Cancer Alliance

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The Women’s Global Cancer Alliance is a 501c3 organization. Our purpose is to help women, especially those at risk for cancer, live healthier lives in developing countries.

Recent News

Robert D. Hilgers, MD, MA, CAE Dr. Hilgers is President and CEO of the Women’s Global Cancer Alliance (WGCA). The WGCA works to advance women’s health, addressing particularly those in need of cancer care in developing countries. 80% of cancers in women occur in developing countries where only 5% of resources are available for care. […]

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Rebecca J. Burke is currently the volunteer Social Media Director for the Women’s Global Cancer Alliance. Her duties for the Alliance include writing articles for the blog and cross-posting them across various social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.   Rebecca started her career with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of […]

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The 38-year-old mother of four had no idea anything was wrong. But a quick checkup at a new clinic in her native Haiti revealed several silently-festering precancerous lesions that could one day threaten her life. Those lesions were frozen off in the same visit, the danger eliminated. That’s the goal of the clinic recently opened […]

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