Women's Global Cancer Alliance

Embracing a Vision


Our vision is to advance women’s health, notably cancer, in developing countries. To achieve our vision we look for and identify small opportunities, build them into larger results that make a difference in opening our minds, thinking of solutions and turning inadequate outcomes into broader quality of life opportunities for women living in developing countries with gender-specific cancers.


While globally, cancer is a major public health problem responsible for more morbidity and mortality than AIDS, TB, and malaria combined, there is a general lack of awareness concerning cancer in developing countries. Poverty is the core condition that drives how women live and receive medical care. Devastating health disparities relate to income, geography and governments that do not provide basic health care. Cancer in women is further complicated by a dynamic, complex and interconnected system linking economic and social conditions, customs and cultures, access to resources and care, environment and politically driven policies.

The Women’s Global Cancer Alliance (WGCA) brings together volunteers and organizations that provide expertise applied to on-the-ground solutions. Together we are able to link global strategies with local care, adapting language, culture, political and business concepts.

The WGCA accomplishes these goals by linking medical and non-medical, not-for-profit and for profit, government and non-governmental individuals and organizations that share a deep concern for women with cancer and allied health issues.

Core Values

A Focus on the Community

To understand how complex a particular environment and culture affects women with cancer requires working with local communities, observing and analyzing the multiple facets surrounding women’s cancer in an interconnected manner. The WGCA relies on information gained from the community to expand its knowledge base, working as an organization of many to advocate for change in the health of women.

Team Effort

To achieve its mission, the WGCA aspires to operate as a team, not with a singular focus or solution, but as an Alliance of individuals and organizations that support and encourage collaborative ideas and actions. Collaboration and partnerships are critical to setting the Alliance’s agenda and priorities. The WGCA seeks partners in planning and developing programs that link global thought and policies while recognizing and satisfying individual local expectations. The resulting partnerships requires engaging community partners to strengthen side-by-side working relationships with the community and their health care providers.

Reliance on Local Issues

WGCA’s projects and programs evolve from local communities. By working locally, the WGCA recognizes new solutions and strategies that reach globally in affecting the quality of life for women living in developing countries.

Self Development

No mindset of poverty should be in conflict with the impression that underserved women are incapable of making decisions about their own lives. The Alliance’s role is to tap into what women and local communities can achieve in order to be the change they seek.

Ultimate Test

The ultimate test will be the long term effects on the lives of women living in the poorest sectors of the world, particularly those women who are at greatest risk of developing gender-specific cancers such as cancer of the cervix.

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